SpottR: The Catalyst Driving Business Growth in Africa

Starting a business in today’s world has become a major challenge with on emphasis on Africa. The rate at which businesses fail is alarming. According to Weetracker, Nigeria alone has had an average of 61% business failure rate in the past nine years. This in turn has led to the exponential increase in unemployment and poverty rate within the continent. Hence, the need for a solution to curb this cannot be emphasized enough.
There are myriads of factors contributing to the failure of businesses today such as lack of capital, market inaccessibility leading to low traction, government policies and so on. All efforts to nip this in the bud has led to little or no result. In fact, the rate of failed businesses has doubled the efforts in challenging it.
A regular African startup entrepreneur is faced with one or more difficulties in the process of growing his/her business. Challenges such as inadequate funding, poor sales and so on. This is where SpottR comes to play in providing timely solutions to such problems.
SpottR is a social commerce ecosystem with the goal of helping African businesses thrive. SpottR makes the art of doing business hassle free through its amazing features and products. Here, business owners leverage on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature to help them connect to their target audience within the ecosystem. Also, transactions within the SpottR ecosystem is being facilitated by its cryptocurrency called Cliq Token, with Cliq Token, business owners like you can easily access funding to aid in running your business efficiently, in addition to its other use cases.

Steps to Utilize SpottR and its Token.
Firstly, purchase some Cliq Token
Sign up on the SpottR app where you can easily get your brand to the view of a larger audience.
Enjoy exclusive access to funding by using your Cliq Token as a collateral.

At the end of the day, it is a win-win. Get yourself some Cliq Token at the presale price now and secure a great future for your business. To learn more visit:



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